Ken Speegle’s Real Estate Articles Sell: The Real Estate Writer’s USP

June 28th, 2013 - Posted by Admin

Real estate articles serve a greater purpose in their life cycle than taking up space on a page. 20 years ago, Ken Speegle pioneered a real estate article writing technique that is still in use today: The Real Estate Writer weaves direct response storytelling and sales techniques into every article he writes.

The Real Estate Writer Unleashed: Ken Speegle Works YOUR Will On Your Audience

Every moment of every day you communicate ideas to your audience. The Real Estate Writer ensures that those ideas are told as only Ken Speegle can. Writing that compels readers to respect you, identify with you; to want to buy whatever you’re selling – even if it’s just credibility and lays the groundwork for future sales.

The Real Estate Writer’s Success Model Can Make You Rich

Nobody likes to be sold. It’s a proven fact. But The Real Estate Writer also believes that people want to believe in tangible ideas. And that’s what Ken Speegle brings to the table: A unique way of communicating your ideas to your prospects in a way that leads them to the inevitable conclusion that they want to do business with you – even if it costs them more money than they were initally planning to spend.

Ken Speegle’s Real Estate Copywriting Articles Aren’t Cheap

One of the most common questions The Real Estate Writer is asked by prospective clients is how much he charges to create direct response-oriented real estate articles. His answer is always the same: If your number one concern is how much you’ll have to spend in order to reap the financial rewards of his efforts, The Real Estate Writer probably isn’t the right person for your real estate writing needs. The reality is, an investment in Ken Speegle’s real estate copywriting services returns your investment over… and over… and over again.

The Real Estate Writer: Worth Every Penny You Pay

Great real estate copywriting has a number of tangible benefits. Your audience will like and respect you more than when they first “met” you; real estate clients will want to do business with you; and, your bottom line will increase with every word The Real Estate Writer puts together for you. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself by going to right now.

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